I have a life-long interest in photography, especially images of wildlife and old advertising. I enjoy incorporating photography into my travels around the western United States. Shown here are three areas I specialize in on a hobby basis. Images can be used (with my written permission) on a one-time basis for a small donation to one of two charities I support.

Love photographing nature and wildlife, but don’t seem to get the tack-sharp images or find the wildlife you desire? Sharpen your skills and expand your creative vision with one of my wildlife photography workshops. Learn the specifics in easy-to-understand language that you can put to use in your next shoot. Whether it’s camera settings, places to visit, or animal behavior, in my presentations I share my proven techniques to move you to the next level of your wildlife photography. Presentations include camera settings, planning a shoot, executing a shoot, and the best places to find wildlife in Central Iowa and beyond. Presentations are either one hour or two hours in length. Please email for more information. Marlen.kemmet@gmal.com